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PRP Therapy: How Your Own Plasma Can Help Your Skin, Hair, and Intimate Health

PRP is a versatile treatment option, with both medical and cosmetic professionals offering its benefits to their patients. At Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa, Dr. Bachilo and her team use this non-surgical option to treat a variety of concerns ranging from hair loss to sexual dysfunction. Curious about the uses for PRP? Here is a brief overview of our favorite treatment options!

What is PRP?

PRP is platelet-rich plasma. It is developed by preparing the patient’s own blood in a centrifuge to separate platelets and plasma from the red blood cells. PRP contains stem cells and growth factors, which stimulates the body to heal and generate new cells. This has a variety of uses both in medicine and cosmetics. At Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa, we use PRP to help patients improve their skin, restore hair growth, and improve their intimate health.

PRP for The Skin

For the skin, we offer two treatment options: a PRP Facelift and Vampire Facial. These treatments both use PRP, but have different purposes and are suited to different patients.

PRP Facelift

After preparing PRP, it can be injected into the face to create firmer and healthier skin with enhanced fullness. Dr. Bachilo makes injections strategically to stimulate collagen production and repair damaged cells. This procedure requires no downtime, and you will feel mild side-effects similar to those after filler or Botox injections, including some swelling or redness. The skin may also feel somewhat rough for up to a week after a PRP facelift, but this should not be visibly noticeable.

After a PRP Facelift, you will notice subtle improvements in your skin immediately, but a significant lift in the face with increased firmness and a smoother feel can be seen about two to three months after the treatment. Most patients have three treatment sessions to achieve the best results possible, but a single PRP Facelift session can improve the skin with results that last up to two years.

Vampire Facial

The famous vampire facial is a combination of PRP treatment and microneedling. After creating microchannels in the skin, the PRP is applied topically to the skin, allowing the substance to penetrate more deeply into the skin. Like a PRP Facelift, this results in firmer skin with improved elasticity and new collagen production.

The Vampire Facial requires no downtime, but due to microneedling you may experience residual redness and tenderness in the treatment area. Results are quickly noticeable after redness subsides, and last for up to two years.

PRP for Hair Restoration

One of PRP’s most popular uses is non-surgical hair restoration. By simply injecting PRP into areas where the patient experiences thinning or baldness, the follicles can be stimulated to produce new hair growth. The treatment takes just 30 minutes to complete, and you will face zero maintenance or downtime after receiving injections. Most patients have three sessions of PRP injections spaced about a month apart to achieve their ideal results. PRP for hair restoration is a suitable treatment for both men and women facing hair loss. It’s best to start the treatment early if you’re noticing signs of thinning, especially if the cause is hereditary female- or male-pattern baldness.

PRP for Intimate Health: O-Shot and P-Shot

PRP boosts new growth and blood flow wherever it is injected, offering undoubted benefits for intimate health. At Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa, we offer PRP injections for both men and women through the O-Shot and P-Shot.


The O-Shot is a safe and effective way to rejuvenate the vagina in both appearance and function. By boosting collagen and new cell production, the vaginal tissue has a more youthful appearance after treatment. Increased circulation also offers increased sensitivity. O-Shot patients also notice a firmer and smoother appearance, a tighter vaginal opening, improved natural lubrication, and increased libido.


The Priapus or P-Shot for men is an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction or Peyronie’s disease through a simple injection of PRP. Men who receive the P-Shot also notice an increase in length and girth immediately after the injections, with final results seen about three months after the treatment. PRP works to repair damaged cells, and can be especially beneficial for men affected by scar tissue.

Before either injection, the treatment area is numbed with a topical anesthetic cream, so the procedure is comfortable. The entire procedure can be completed in as little as 30 minutes. Results typically last for about a year. Like everything, maintenance is recommended. Therefore, we suggest repeating your treatment after a year.

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