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Jane Fonda: Shameless About Her Surgical Beauty Secrets!

Jane Fonda has always been a beloved and chic style and beauty icon, and an inspiration to women who want to be bold and beautiful, women who dare to chase their wildest dreams, and women who refuse to be limited by age.

Ms. Fonda has always been known for being honest and outspoken, and is not afraid to admit that she maintains a youthful and flawless appearance thanks to several cosmetic procedures that she’s undergone in the past. But the actress also adamantly defends a woman’s right to have these procedures and go on about her business without the need to explain anything to anyone.

In a recently publicized incident, Ms. Fonda shut down a question on a television talk show about the cosmetic procedures that she has admitted to having in the past, simply because there were other topics that this complex and dynamic activist wanted to discuss.

But Ms. Fonda has never expressed any shame or regret for refreshing her appearance with the help of a talented plastic surgeon. In fact, in a 2015 interview in The Guardian, the two-time Academy-Award winning actress admitted matter-of-factly,  “I wish I were brave enough to not do plastic surgery, but I think I bought myself a decade,” referring to the advantages of having a younger appearance while working in Hollywood at the age of 77.

In another interview with Access Hollywood in 2012, Ms. Fonda declared without any reservation, “I’ve had plastic surgery. I made sure that they kept my lines. I didn’t want to lose my wrinkles — I just wanted to lose the bags under my eyes.” She has also recently admitted to having “some work” done on her chin and neck, as well as a facelift in her 40s and a follow-up facelift in her 70s.

In general, Ms. Fonda warns against the dangers of overdoing plastic surgery but praises the value of “subtle” plastic surgery to help a woman retain her unique personality while eliminating more problematic concerns, such as bags under the eyes or sagging skin in the neck and throat area.

Since the days of her infamous fitness videos, the exuberant Ms. Fonda has been inspiring women of all ages and walks of life, women from all around the world, to defy the limits of aging and maintain a youthful lifestyle as well as a youthful appearance well into their later years.

While Fonda has never been known as a “plastic” or superficial beauty icon, known instead as a groundbreaking activist on global issues, she sees plastic surgery and the desire to improve one’s appearance as an integral part of a woman’s right to define herself, to shape her own destiny, and to forge her own path in life.  Fonda’s flawless appearance at the recent Oscar Awards ceremonies testified to the fact that this legend’s legacy of sheer elegance, perseverance, and power still turn heads and inspire awe even as she enters her 80s.


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