Introducing the RHA Collection of Dermal Fillers

Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa is thrilled to offer the most advanced dermal fillers for rejuvenating the face: Resilient Hyaluronic Acid (RHA) fillers designed to treat dynamic wrinkles!

The first and only FDA-approved line of RHA fillers, the RHA Collection of injectable gel formulas is characterized by a unique blend of firmness, strength, mobility, and stretchability, making these fillers ideal for treating the dynamic wrinkles and folds that develop in naturally dynamic facial skin and muscle tissue that is constantly moving while making facial expressions.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal filler injections revolutionized cosmetic treatments in the early 2000s with injections that produced natural-looking improvements in skin tone and firmness, diminishing the appearance of static lines and wrinkles that are caused by the natural decrease in collagen and elasticity produced by the aging process.

Today, a new industry standard has been set by Teoxane Laboratories in Europe with their new Revance HA Fillers, known as the RHA Collection of Resilient Hyaluronic Acid fillers, designed to treat dynamic lines and wrinkles in different areas of the face. RHA dermal fillers represent the newest and most advanced development in dermal filler treatments.

The new RHA collection of dermal fillers is available only through select physicians such as plastic surgeons and dermatologists who fully understand facial anatomy.  In the greater Houston area, you can now take advantage of RHA filler treatments at Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa, administered by board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Olga Bachilo.

Treating Static vs Dynamic Wrinkles

Static facial lines are those that are produced as the body’s natural production of collagen and elastic decreases as part of the aging process.  Dynamic lines and wrinkles, also known as expression lines, result from repetitive muscle movements and muscular gestures that occur when we make facial expressions, such as smiling. Some of the more commonly known dynamic lines and wrinkles in the face include:

  • Worry lines and forehead furrows – lines that extend across the forehead or between the eyes as a result of muscle contractions made during periods of stress or extreme focus
  • Nasolabial folds or parenthesis lines – lines that extend from the outer edges of the nose to the outer edges of the mouth and are caused by smiling and other gestures of the mouth
  • Perioral wrinkles, sometimes known as smoker’s lines – small, vertical lines and creases around the lip line that are caused by muscular contractions used in the act of smoking, eating, speaking, and other facial expressions involving the mouth
How Do RHA Fillers Work?

RHA fillers are formulated to treat dynamic lines and wrinkles because the gel formulas used in these treatments are able to move with the facial muscles. For decades, dynamic lines have been treated using injectables such as Botox and Xeomin, which are formulated using neurotoxins that work by immobilizing the facial muscles, causing some patients to appear stiff and expressionless.  By contrast, the new RHA fillers are formulated to move with the dynamic contractions of the facial muscles, allowing for more natural facial expressions.

Resilient Hyaluronic Acid more closely mimics the natural HA in human skin than traditional HA fillers because it is composed of longer chains of HA processed at lower temperatures, and with less crosslinking, making them more similar to the natural HA found in the human body. These longer, more resilient chains of HA produce a more natural and less “stiff” appearance in patients than traditional HA fillers that contain shorter chains of HA. For this reason, RHA fillers produce more natural-looking results while smoothing out dynamic lines and wrinkles.

The RHA® collection currently includes three formulas, each designed to treat different areas of the face and different types of lines and wrinkles. Results appear instantly after treatment and may last as long as 15 months.

What's Next?

To learn more about RHA fillers and how they can help you rejuvenate your facial appearance, contact Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa and schedule a consultation with Dr. Bachilo.

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Our Testimonials


This place will not disappoint!
Karmen Mataro

Beautiful office the staff are all very knowledgeable and the doctor has a wonderful bedside manner. You can purchase medical grade skin care products, have a facial, recieve botox and fillers, take a health and fitness class, have noninvasive procedures (my new fav emsculpt) and finally get your body back from childbirth with a custom mommy make over. This place will not disappoint! - Facebook

Amazing experience overall
Suzanne Balderas

I had an amazing experience overall...from my first consultation to completed services. I've had fillers, botox, microdneedling with radio frequency and PRP, and most recently the Y-Lift and NovaThreads thread lift. I was stunned by the immediate results!! The moment I walked in, I was welcomed by Nallely, who is just so sweet! Briana, the patient care coordinator, was so patient and knowledgeable in answering all my questions and working with me. After meeting with Dr. Bachilo (she is just amazing!!), I felt so comfortable with her and the aesthetician, Eva, through several in office procedures...follow-ups...everyone overall is AMAZING!! Thank you Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa for restoring youth and confidence in me! - Google

Dramatic improvement
R Nomned

I really love this practice, Dr. Bachilo and her esthetician Eva Rotmann are very personable. Feels more like visiting with a friend in the way they provide care. Easy location right off 610 and free covered parking and I've never had to wait more than a few minutes. When they offer a cappuccino during your visit, accept as it is stellar. With just one syringe of filler placed in multiple strategic spots, Dr. Bachilo made a dramatic improvement which reduced jowling and even minimized neck sag. I also had botulinum at the same time, with absolutely no bruising from either. Trust me, you want a PS to perform these injections, they have a greater understanding of the underlying structures and can therefore provide better results. I've also purchased an Emsculpt package and had a Venus Viva facial treatment. The prices are very competitive and the service exceptional. Look no further for your cosmetic needs! - Google

My skin has really improved

Fabulous. I would trust her expertise with any surgery or treatment. I have had torn ear lobe repair, micro needling , Non evasive Y Lift Hydra facials and Botox. My skin has really improved I will continue to use Dr Bachilo for all services ! - Realself

Great doctor
Houston, TX

Last month I went in to see Dr. Bachilo to get Dysport injections for my wrinkles and fillers in my cheeks and chin. I was very worried as it was my first time having this procedure done, I didn't know what to expect but Dr. Bachilo was very patient with me she took her time explaining and answering all my questions she made me feel very comfortable.

Wow! I am so pleased with Dr.Bachilo’s expertise!
Susu Susu

WOW! I AM SO PLEASED WITH DR. BACHILO'S EXPERTISE! I was so thankful for her honesty and knowledge of the products/procedures that I was wanting to have done. She guided me to the correct breast implant size and recovery was a breeze. When it came to my concern about wrinkles and lines she was extremely understanding and actually listened to me. She explained the different fillers and Botox products, which I am so pleased with everything she did to make me look younger!!! I have recommended her to several friends and will continue to do so!! Just go and see how wonderful she is!

Facial Fillers
Houston, TX

I hated wrinkles on my forehead, and nasal labial folds. I had filler injected around nasal labial folds and around corner of my mouth. Botox injection into my forehead. I couldn't be happier with the results. After many comments about why I look so much younger I will definitely have it done again.

Plump Lips Indeed!
Houston, TX

100% recommend! Dr Bachilo is very courteous, professional, spends more than enough time explaining everything, and truly cares about her patients. Called me the next day to check up on me during her day off!

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