Chin Augmentation in Houston TX

Surgery Overview
  • AnesthesiaLocal or General
  • Surgery Length1 Hour
  • Recovery Time1 Week
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Chin Augmentation to Balance Facial Features

If you’re unhappy with a chin that disappears into your neck or makes your other facial features such as your nose or eyebrows appear too large by comparison, consider chin augmentation surgery with a chin implant. Chin implants can restore the proper balance and proportion to your chin to bring it into harmony with your other facial features.

Chin augmentation or Mentoplasty is designed to add volume and fullness to a flat, underdeveloped, or receding chin that seems too small in relation to the person’s facial structures.  Mentoplasty produces a more prominent chin and a more defined jaw, enhancing proportion and balance to the ensemble of facial features.

Chin Augmentation surgery provides a subtle but still noticeable enhancement to a person’s facial appearance by balancing the facial features and bringing them into proper proportion. Having a tiny chin or one that is underdeveloped, flat, or undersized in relation to the rest of the face may cause the entire face to appear disproportional. A small, receding chin may make a large or prominent nose or a full and voluptuous mouth appear too large by comparison. Chin augmentation produces a more balanced, proportioned relationship between the facial elements.

For residents of Houston and neighboring communities, Chin implants are available at Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa, headed by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Olga Bachilo, who has extensive experience performing facial procedures on male and female patients in the greater Houston area.


The Chin Augmentation Procedure

Chin augmentation surgery typically takes about an hour to complete. The procedure may be done using general anesthesia or local anesthesia combined with a sedative. The surgery requires a very small incision usually located inside the bottom lip or under the chin. A biocompatible implant is inserted through this incision to enhance the protrusion of the chin, sculpting a new shape and size.

Once the surgery is completed, your chin will be covered with compressive bandages or surgical tape to protect and support tissues while healing. You will have to wear these supportive bandages for a prescribed time period.


Recovering From Chin Augmentation

Most patients who undergo chin augmentation experience relatively little discomfort and downtime. The majority may get back to their regular office jobs and most types of regular daily activities within one week after the procedure. Most patients report minimal discomfort that may be easily controlled with pain medication and ice packs.

However, chin augmentation is a surgical procedure and you should prepare for it accordingly. We recommend that you plan to take a week or so to rest, and generally take it easy for about four weeks, avoiding any strenuous physical activities.

Ask someone to drive you home following the surgery and help you around the house while you relax and rest for the first several days following the procedure.

You may find it difficult to smile or make certain facial expressions due to minor swelling and bruising immediately following your surgery.

Eating may become difficult, so we recommend a soft food diet for a few days initially, to limit pressure on the muscles of the chin and jaw while chewing. Dr. Bachilo will prescribe any necessary pain medication in case you need it to manage any discomfort or pain following the procedure.

Most patients are able to resume working after about one week, and may gradually begin to resume light, non-strenuous physical activity at this point. You will be fully recovered in four to six weeks, and may gradually go back to your normal physical activities and regular exercise at that time.

Chin Implant Revision

Chin Implant Revision

In a chin implant revision procedure, the chin implant may be removed or replaced with another implant or with another material, such as the patient’s own fat tissue, that will fill in the lost volume. This procedure uses the same incisions as the original chin augmentation procedure so as to prevent any visible scarring.

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Houston residents are seeing improvements in their facial proportions thanks to cosmetic treatments such as chin augmentation performed by Dr. Olga Bachilo at Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa, serving residents of Houston and nearby communities in Texas. Contact our office today and arrange a consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chin Implants

Who is the best candidate for a Chin Augmentation procedure?

A chin augmentation procedure is ideal for any healthy adult who wants to improve the proportions of his or her facial features by adding volume and definition to a small or underdeveloped chin.

Why consider a Chin Augmentation?

Sometimes we are not born with facial features that are in perfect harmony and balance with one another. In many cases, a person’s face may appear out of harmony because the chin is too small, making the nose, eyes, or forehead appear too large by comparison. In many cases, the solution is to simply augment the chin, bringing the facial features into harmony. In other cases, a chin augmentation procedure may be combined with a nose job in order to fully balance the facial features and produce a more harmonious ensemble.

How is a Chin Augmentation performed?

Chin Augmentation is most often performed using chin implants, but may also be performed using fat transfer from other parts of the body. Dr. Olga Bachilo is one of the best facial surgeons in the Houston area, and she will assess your condition and recommend which procedure is most suitable for you.

What are Chin Implants made of?

Chin implants are typically made of biocompatible materials such as silicone, Teflon\u2122, Dacron, or other medically compatible material. In some cases, your surgeon may choose to use real bone or fat tissue transferred from some other area of the patient’s own body.

How much does Chin Augmentation cost in Houston, TX?

The cost of a Chin Augmentation procedure may vary widely between patients, depending on the extent of work done, whether you choose implants of fat transfer, the type of implant used, and whether or not you combine the procedure with another treatment. For most patients, the cost of a Chin Augmentation will fall somewhere between $2,500 and $4,500, depending on the extent of the surgery.

How can Fat Grafting enhance the appearance of my chin?

Fat grafting uses excess fat from areas of the body where you have unsightly fatty pockets, such as love handles or bra bulges, and transfers that fat to areas such as the chin, where you want to add volume and fullness.

What are the benefits of the Fat Grafting or Fat Transfer procedure?

This procedure is extremely safe because it uses your own fat so there is no risk of your body rejecting the transfer. It also produces a natural look and feel in the target area, and leaves the harvest area smoother, slimmer, and more contoured.

What types of implants may be used in a Chin Augmentation?

Silicone chin implants are typically used in a Chin Augmentation procedure. Dr. Bachilo will help you select the best size and shape implants for your facial structure.

What are the benefits of Chin Implants?

Chin implants produce a well-defined, more youthful-looking profile with little risk of complication. A chin implant procedure rejuvenates the entire lower face, making you look younger. In some cases, it may be easier for the surgeon to manipulate and sculpt the chin with implants than with a fat transfer.

Can I combine a Chin Augmentation with another procedure?

Yes. Patients frequently elect to undergo a Chin Augmentation procedure in combination with Rhinoplasty (a nose job) or a Brow Lift to more fully rejuvenate the face. You may also combine a Chin implant with dermal filler treatments and other types of implants: cheek, forehead, or temporal implants.

How long is the recovery period after Chin Augmentation?

While it is normal for some swelling and bruising to occur after the surgery, and these symptoms may last for up to two weeks, the majority of patients typically experience mild to moderate swelling for only about three days. Most patients are able to return to work and resume normal activities after about one week.

What happens if I change my mind about my Chin Implant?

If you decide to have your chin implant removed, you may undergo chin implant revision surgery. In many cases, patients who choose to remove implants may decide to replace the lost volume in the chin with a natural fat transfer procedure.

What happens during Chin Augmentation surgery?

The surgeon will make a tiny incision, either inside the mouth or outside beneath the chin where the tiny scar will not be visible and create a pocket in front of the chin bone underneath the muscle tissue. The implant is positioned inside this pocket to enhance the volume and protrusion of the chin.

Why should I consider Chin Implants?

An undeveloped or receding chin can make you appear less assertive or give your lower face a sunken appearance. In some patients, a receding chin makes them appear to look sad or upset. Chin implants also reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the mouth and in the lower face.

How can Chin Implants improve my facial appearance?

If your chin is receding or undeveloped, chin augmentation with chin implants can make your facial features appear more proportional and balanced, enhancing your facial appearance.

Chin Augmentation in Houston TX
  • Non-Invasive Chin Enhancement
Non-Invasive Chin Enhancement

Non-Surgical Solutions for Chin Augmentation

Apart from chin enhancement surgery, Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa also offer a selection of non-invasive treatments such as dermal fillers and fat transfer. Contact us to learn more about the options.

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Doctor is pleasant and knowledgeable

Dr. explained everything thoroughly. She is pleasant and knowledgeable.

The Best Results

The three-four reasons why I keep coming to Glamour Medical spa are Dr. Bachilo, she listens to my goals and provides realistic expectations. The staff, are always welcome and helpful. Services provided are important because Dr. Bachilo has the latest devices and technologies in order to provide the best results. Lastly, the office atmosphere, the office is very clean and nicely decorated which makes it inviting.

Fair Priced!

Knowledgeable, great staff, clean and fair priced.

The doctor was extremely nice

Attentive patient coordinator. The doctor was extremely nice and they both answered all of my questions.

Employees are extremely efficient, professional, and pleasant.

Employees are extremely efficient, professional, and pleasant. Any request is met with a "let me help you" attitude and they always answer the phone. Dr. B. did my treatment and is knows her stuff. Her knowledge and bedside manner is comforting during a procedure.

Realistic expectation of outcomes
P Shot

Very attentive to my medical situation. Good information exchange and a realistic expectation of outcomes. Office staff was also courteous and professional.

It gave me great confidence

Dr. Olga Bachilio was awesome! She made me feel so comfortable and at home and it gave me great confidence in going ahead with the procedure.

Dr. Bachilo is a skilled physician

Dr. Bachilo is a skilled physician who takes her time with patients to ensure that all questions are addressed. Her staff is also very professional. Hopeful for the longer-term benefits from the procedure.

Excellent Results!

Within 48 hours I experienced excellent results that have continued since.

I Am so Happy with My Breast Implant Results
Tamera Danna

Dr. Bachilo is such a wonderful surgeon. I am so happy with my breast implant results. Several friends who also had surgical procedures with Dr. Bachilo are extremely thrilled with her expertise! Eva does such a fantastic job on facials and skin treatments. The hydrafacials are GREAT!!! I am so thankful for Dr. Bachilo’s advice and knowledge of what looks good and what will be realistic. GREAT SURGEON!!!

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