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Amazing, non-invasive options are available for men struggling with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) at Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa in Houston, TX.

Among our offerings we provide GainsWave therapy, a revolutionary treatment that uses sound waves to direct increased blood flow to the penis, and the Priapus shot or P-Shot, an injection of platelet rich plasma with crucial human growth factors that helps to restore and rejuvenate normal, healthy sexual function in adult males.

If you’re a man who’s ready to take the next step to improve your sex life by treating your ED while simultaneously enhancing the size and strength of your sexual organ, look no further than Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa, where our Houston-area patients are seeing the amazing results of the P-Shot combined with GainsWave technology and enjoying the best sex of their lives!

Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa serves patients in Katy, Sugar Land, and nearby communities in the Houston metropolitan area.


What Are the Main Causes of ED in Men?

Erectile Dysfunction (ED), sometimes called male dysfunction, affects thousands of men, many of whom struggle with soft erections or lack of sexual potency.

The most common causes of ED, particularly in older males, include clogged blood vessels (atherosclerosis), diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, Parkinson’s Disease, and metabolic syndrome—a condition in which blood pressure and insulin levels increase, also characterized by body fat around the waist and high cholesterol levels. Certain medications may also contribute to the condition.

To a lesser degree, stress and psychological trauma may also contribute to the problem. In some cases, it has been found that addiction to online pornography produces difficulty in achieving strong erections during real-life sexual encounters in some men.


Symptoms of ED

Men who suffer from ED, also referred to as impotence, generally exhibit readily identifiable symptoms, such as an inability to get or sustain an erection, producing dissatisfaction in their sexual relationships due to basic sexual function being hampered by the condition. ED may begin as an occasional problem, and in many cases, may become worse over time.

Most men over the age of 50 will experience ED at some point in their lives, and losing the ability to get an erection simply by means of mental stimulation is common in older men. ED may also affect younger men if they smoke or suffer from underlying medical conditions such as diabetes or heart disease.

Additional symptoms that often accompany ED may also include loss of libido or decreased sex drive, premature ejaculation, or an inability to ejaculate.

Priapus Shot

Priapus Shot (P-Shot)

The Priapus shot ED injection is the latest advancement in natural penile enhancement and improves sexual performance as well as libido and sexual response. The Priapus shot consists of the patient’s own platelet-rich-plasma with its natural stem cells and growth factors, which when injected strategically into key areas of the penis produces rejuvenation, enhanced strength and virility, as well as more solid and longer lasting erections.

Because PRP is derived from the patient’s own blood, the success rate with this treatment is very high with little to no risk of any negative reaction.

The P-Shot male enhancement injection produces immediate results that include a larger, stronger penis with increased circulation of blood to the region, translating to stronger and longer-lasting erections.  This in turn enhances sensitivity and sensation, increasing a man’s sexual pleasure and improving sexual performance.

The P-Shot injection can even be used to add size and bulk where you want it most: for instance, you can choose to add size at the base or head of the penis in order to enhance not only its size but its shape as well.

The P-Shot is virtually painless and there is a very low risk of side effects, since it uses the patient’s own plasma.



GAINSWave is a non-invasive treatment that uses high frequency sound waves, making it easier for the blood to access the penis during erections.

The treatment was introduced to the US market not long ago, while in Europe it has been popular for nearly fifteen years.

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For more information on how you can treat your erectile dysfunction, contact Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa serving Texas residents in the Houston metropolitan area.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the P-Shot?

The Priapus Shot or P-Shot is a seemingly miraculous injection of platelet rich plasma drawn from the patient’s own blood that helps men overcome symptoms of erectile dysfunction and achieve firmer, stronger and larger erections, as well as enhanced sensitivity and sexual pleasure.

Where can I find a doctor or a clinic in Houston TX to treat ED?

Fortunately, overcoming ED is actually a relatively simple matter. At Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa, Dr. Olga Bachilo, a specialist in genital rejuvenation, can provide therapeutic treatments that help men get harder erections and regain their sexual function.

Dr. Bachilo, whose medical center serves residents of Houston, Katy, Sugar Land and nearby areas, provides GAINSWave therapy as well as the noted Priapus injection (P-shot) to treat ED.

Can ED be cured permanently?

The answer to this is a resounding “Yes!” In a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, a remission rate of 29 percent was reported after 5 years in test subjects.

In many cases, ED can be reversed by means of simple treatments that not only produce stronger erections, but also increase girth and length in the penis.

While oral medications such as Viagra have failed to provide a cure, newer therapies such as GAINSWave and the Priapus shot have shown far higher long-term success rate in overcoming ED and related symptoms in male patients of all ages.

What are the latest erectile dysfunction treatments?

Among the new, non-invasive options that are available for men who struggle with ED, Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa is thrilled to provide GAINSWave therapy—a safe non-invasive treatment that uses sound waves to increase blood flow to the penis, producing stronger erections.

Possibly the best solution for ED currently on the market, GAINSWave therapy works even better when combined with the Priapus shot or P-Shot, an injection composed of platelet rich plasma (PRP) containing essential human growth factors. The P-shot reduces symptoms of ED, while also increasing penis size.

How much do ED injections cost in Houston TX?

Depending on the provider, the cost varies from $700 to $1000 per one injection. The cost of GAINSWave therapy combined with ED shots will prove to be a valuable investment in your health and happiness. The treatment is far less expensive than surgical intervention for ED, and even costs less than taking ongoing prescription oral ED medications. As an added benefit, the P-shot is the only non-surgical treatment proven to increase the size of the penis, providing lasting benefits and satisfaction.

Is erectile dysfunction a psychological problem?

While ED may be exacerbated by psychological factors such as trauma, or emotional dissatisfaction in one’s personal relationship, the problem is actually caused by physical conditions.

The combination of GAINSWave with the Priapus Shot addresses these conditions, while also reducing problems such as premature ejaculation that also cause increased mental stress. The P-shot improves sexual sensation in the penis, which also leads to increased pleasure during sex, and naturally increases the libido or sex drive. By resolving problems with ED, many men also overcome self-esteem issues and other psychological conditions that may keep them from enjoying a fulfilling sex life.

Can erectile dysfunction be caused by stress?

Stress from daily life, and particularly the stress of wondering whether a man can maintain an erection long enough to please his sexual partner, can definitely contribute to the problem of ED, also leading to other problems such as premature ejaculation or decrease in sex drive or libido. By treating the physical factors that lead to ED, men can regain the confidence and spontaneity that will naturally restore a healthy sex drive and natural, fulfilling sexual function.

Is erectile dysfunction permanent?

Fortunately, ED is not always permanent. In many men, the condition is temporary and may be successfully reversed with proper treatment. Treatments such as GAINSWave and the P-shot, provided at Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa, can reverse the symptoms of ED and restore sexual vigor for years to come.

Don’t be embarrassed by ED or related sexual problems. Contact Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Olga Bachilo. You can expect immediate results from GAINSWave and P-shot therapy—in fact, you can go home and experience great sex that very same night!

Our Testimonials


I Am so Happy with My Breast Implant Results
Tamera Danna

Dr. Bachilo is such a wonderful surgeon. I am so happy with my breast implant results. Several friends who also had surgical procedures with Dr. Bachilo are extremely thrilled with her expertise! Eva does such a fantastic job on facials and skin treatments. The hydro facials are GREAT!!! I am so thankful for Dr. Bachilo’s advice and knowledge of what looks good and what will be realistic. GREAT SURGEON!!!

Clean place, friendly personnel, professional care
Lika Aslan

nice, clean place, friendly personnel, professional care. Easy to make an appointment and they never make you wait. - Google

This place will not disappoint!
Karmen Mataro

Beautiful office the staff are all very knowledgeable and the doctor has a wonderful bedside manner. You can purchase medical grade skin care products, have a facial, recieve botox and fillers, take a health and fitness class, have noninvasive procedures (my new fav emsculpt) and finally get your body back from childbirth with a custom mommy make over. This place will not disappoint! - Facebook

Azmi Attia

My wife looks better every visit. This is great place to look your best and they treat her A++++++ - Google

Dr. Bachilo is an incredible doctor
Megan Shea

Dr. Bachilo is an incredible doctor and has a very friendly and kind personality. I had been to many plastic surgeons and none made me feel comfortable and respected the way she did when talking with her. I will continue to see her no matter where I am in the U.S. - Google

Dr. Bachilo is excellent bedside manner.

Dr. Bachilo performed this procedure on me in March 2019. I am a 50-year-old female, 5‘4“, 170 pounds. Dr. Bachilo removed 10 L of fat, which is a very aggressive surgery. I felt comfortable with her, and asked her to push the limits, which she did. I spent the night in the hospital as a precaution as my blood pressure dropped and needed to be stabilized and monitored. Dr. Bachilo is excellent bedside manner. She checked on me several times during the day and night before I left. I am now 8 days post-op and pleased with the results. - RealSelf

She has been wonderful
Lindsey Coats

Dr. Bachilo has now completed an arm lift and thigh lift for me. She has been wonderful with me through both procedures and her work is remarkable. I have asked a lot of her throughout both procedures that are difficult enough without me asking her to go above and beyond. She continues to deliver truly incredible results. - Google

I recommend Dr.bachilo!!!
Diana Rosas

She needs to be cloned!

Dr. Bachilo is warm, and very welcoming. She explains the procedure clearly, listens intently, and answers all of my questions. She is extremely knowledgeable and is an excellent, skilled surgery. I recommend her to all of my friends and family. She needs to be cloned! - HealthGrade

I Am so Thankful We Found Olga!
Elvira V.

I am so thankful we found Olga! She has changed my life! I've gotten breast augmentation with Olga, I went to 3 different surgeons for a consultation and the moment I met Olga my mom and I both knew she was the one. She was so personal, warm and made me feel like my concerns were her priority! She was always there for me, before and after the surgery. Answering my late night texts and making sure I was in a good place. My mom has also gotten treatments at their med spa and she couldn't be happier with her results. All the staff are very sweet, kind and welcoming! I would highly recommend this place! - Yelp

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