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Effective Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

PRP Therapy is the most advanced and effective non-surgical treatment for hair restoration currently in use.  PRP Therapy is a Platelet-Rich-Plasma injection treatment that prevents shedding and restores hair growth in patients suffering from genetic hair loss. The PRP therapy treatment takes about 30 minutes to administer, and requires no daily maintenance, with no downtime.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?

PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, is a unique natural treatment consisting of a concentration of platelet-rich blood plasma derived from your own blood.  PRP contains essential growth factors that stimulate growth in hair follicles when injected directly into the scalp. The good news is that there is very little chance of allergic reaction or risk associated with this procedure, because PRP is produced by your own body.


PRP Results

PRP Treatment results appear with the natural cycle of hair growth, about 4 to 8 months after treatments. Monthly treatments for three month are recommended. As the PRP stimulates new hair growth, the hair will begin to appear fuller and thicker. Since each individual case is unique, results are evaluated every four months following the third procedure, and progress is tracked annually to determine when each patient is due for a follow up treatment in order to maintain optimal hair growth.

Follow-up treatments are an essential requirement of PRP Therapy, although in some patients, results may last for months or even years before the patient will require a follow-up treatment.  While a single treatment provides significant improvement, a series of PRP injection treatments may be useful, depending on your aesthetic goals, your particular condition, and how your scalp reacts to the treatment.


Preventing Future Hair Loss

A great benefit of PRP Injections is that in addition to helping your hair become thick and full again, this treatment also treats ongoing hair loss, and often slows down shedding and may even prevent hair from further thinning.  If you start treating your hereditary hair loss while you’re still relatively young, regular treatments may also help to preserve and encourage renewed hair growth, and increase the thickness and density of your hair. The results of these treatments may actually last for months and years, meaning that, you may be able to avoid the need for more aggressive treatments until much later down the road.

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Ready to stop losing hair?

If you’re seeking a reliable and effective solution to treat hair loss without surgery, PRP Therapy may be the ideal treatment option for you. Residents of Houston and surrounding communities in Texas who want to learn more about how PRP Therapy can restore hair growth and prevent future hair loss should contact Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa, a new state-of-the-art treatment center providing excellence in plastic surgery as well as other non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

Hair Restoration in Houston TX
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  • Hair Grafting Overview

Hair loss, or alopecia, may be either a hereditary condition or a condition that affects random individuals with no apparent cause, and there are different variations of the condition.

A condition of the autoimmune system, alopecia may affect men, women, and children of any age and produce sudden, random hair loss that may become chronic, recurrent, or continuous, with no re-growth. About 4 million people in the United States, and roughly 2% of people around the world, will experience some form of alopecia during their lifetime, and the condition affects men and women equally.

While alopecia is not in itself harmful, managing chronic hair loss can be a challenging proposition for people who suffer with this condition.

Hereditary hair loss, such as the familiar male pattern baldness, which is known medically as male androgenic alopecia or hereditary alopecia, is the most common form of hair loss in men. Male pattern baldness typically runs in families and usually begins as a receding hairline or a bald spot on top of the head. Men may begin to exhibit this trait at a very young age.

Men may also experience other forms of alopecia that is not hereditary, but instead caused by such factors as chemical irritants, medication, or an underlying health problem. In these cases, the condition is usually temporary and may be easily reversed upon treating the underlying problem or removing the irritant.

Female Hair Loss

Female pattern hair loss, or female androgenic alopecia is fairly common in women, and women may exhibit this condition as early as the teen years, or it may develop suddenly later in life. In women with female hereditary alopecia, the hair typically begins to fall out uniformly all over their scalp in contrast to male pattern baldness, which normally exhibits a specific pattern.

Temporary alopecia may affect women for a variety of reasons, such as stress, hormonal fluctuations, autoimmune conditions such as Lupus, and conditions such as ovarian tumors or anemia, as well as chemical allergens and irritants, and nutritional deficiencies. Medications containing hormones such as progestin, chemotherapy drugs, and thyroid medications may also produce temporary hair loss.

Hair Loss in the Eyebrows and Eyelashes

Some individuals, male or female, may also experience eyebrow thinning, as well as short and thin eyelashes. Thinning eyebrows may be treated with eyebrow grafting techniques, which is similar to hair grafting. For thin and sparse eyelashes, we recommend Latisse, a treatment that encourages fuller, thicker, and darker eyelashes when applied regularly to the lash line.

Hair Grafting Overview

What Is Hair Transplant Surgery?

Hair grafting is a highly specialized procedure that involves removing a strip from the healthy area of the scalp where hair is growing fully, and dividing that strip into hundreds of smaller grafts, with each containing only a few hairs. These grafts are then transplanted into the bald areas of the scalp imitating the hair’s natural growth pattern.

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Restoring a youthful head of hair may be all you need to rejuvenate your appearance. Consider a hair grafting procedure or a PRP treatment for hair loss at Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa. Contact our Houston-area office today to schedule your first consultation with Dr. Olga Bachilo to start restoring your full head of hair and rejuvenate your appearance.

Our Testimonials


I had the best experience at Dr. Bachilo’s office!
Bellaire, TX

I decided to try Coolsculpting for the first time on my chin. I was a bit nervous to have the procedure to get rid of my double chin, but OMG I can already see it working! Dr. Bachilo was awesome! She explained how everything works, what the machine does and the sensation I would experience during and after the treatment. I’ve made my appointment to do Coolsculpting on the belly next.

Great doctor
Houston, TX

Last month I went in to see Dr. Bachilo to get Dysport injections for my wrinkles and fillers in my cheeks and chin. I was very worried as it was my first time having this procedure done, I didn't know what to expect but Dr. Bachilo was very patient with me she took her time explaining and answering all my questions she made me feel very comfortable.

Wow! I am so pleased with Dr.Bachilo’s expertise!
Houston, TX

I was so thankful for her honesty and knowledge of products/procedures that I was wanting to have done. She guided me to the correct breast implant size and recovery was a breeze. When it came to my concern of wrinkles and lines she was extremely understanding and actually listened to me. She explained the different fillers and Botox products, which I am so pleased in everything she did to make me look younger!!! I have recommended her to several friends and will continue to do so!! Just go and she how wonderful she is!

Exceeded my expectations
Sugar Land, TX

I believe it is essential to find a professional who is in tune with patients’ needs, responsive, can perform the necessary measures and do what is best for the client without heavily promoting additional services. Dr. Bachilo not only met my meticulous expectations, but also exceeded, so I will be back as needed.

Facial Fillers
Houston, TX

I hated wrinkles on my forehead, and nasal labial folds. I had filler injected around nasal labial folds and around corner of my mouth. Botox injection into my forehead. I couldn't be happier with the results. After many comments about why I look so much younger I will definitely have it done again.

Lower Body Lift Patient- Incredibly Amazing Results!
Houston, TX

Dr. Bachilo performed a lower body lift procedure on me. The work she did on my body and the results are more than amazing. It is life changing the difference it has made for me in how I look and feel. I will say again her work is incredible. From the first time I sat with her to discuss the procedure, to surgery day, and throughout the aftercare, Dr. Bachilo has been tremendous. Her attention to detail is to be applauded as well as her knowledge, confidence, directness, and kindness with you as a patient. I can not say enough how awesome this experience has been for me and how much I am grateful to her!

Great first experience
Bellaire, TX

She has great bedside manner! She was honest & conservative about what she thought I should have done that day in the office. I will be back to see her again! Love that she called to check on my results and how I was feeling.

Mommy Makeover: The best!
Cypress, TX

Life changing! Wonderful experience. Dr. B is so awesome. She listened , and she has given me better results than I could of dreamed of. Amazing Dr. and a very lovely lady ! Her before & after care is top notch.

Plump Lips Indeed!
Houston, TX

100% recommend! Dr Bachilo is very courteous, professional, spends more than enough time explaining everything, and truly cares about her patients. Called me the next day to check up on me during her day off!

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