Facelift in Houston, TX

Surgery Overview
  • AnesthesiaGeneral
  • Surgery Length4 to 5 Hours
  • Recovery Time2 weeks
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With age the skin loses elasticity facial tissues start to descend and face loses its youthful appearance. Fat distribution in the face changes and effects of gravity cause jowls, deep nasolabial folds, deep folds around your mouth, your cheeks lose volume and you lose the definition around your chin and neck.  Sun damage and wrinkles add to your aged look.

Rhytidectomy or Facelift or is one of the most popular surgical procedures used to restore a more youthful appearance to your face. Facelift may be performed in several different ways and Dr Bachilo will design an individualized procedure to your specific aesthetic needs. Multitude of procedures may be combines with a facelift such as neck lift, eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty, brow lift, and fat transfer in the face.

What Are the Benefits of a Face And Neck Lift?

  • Lifting and adding volume to the cheeks.
  • Getting rid of jowls.
  • Smoothing nasolabial folds.
  • Tightening facial skin.
  • Removing excess neck fat and tightening skin neck.
  • Tightening loose muscles in the neck.
  • Improving definition of the neck, chin, and jaw line.

Dr. Bachilo will design a personalized surgical plan to address your facial aesthetic concerns and help you achieve long lasting natural looking results you are longing for.


What to Expect During Your Facelift Consultation?

Be prepared to disclose your full medical history, any medications you are taking and medication allergies. Dr. Bachilo will also thoroughly examine your face. She will listen to your aesthetic concerns and make recommendations as to which procedures would maximize your results. No two faces are identical, and therefore Dr. Bachilo will design a unique surgical plan for you. She may also advise you on several complimentary procedures that will help produce the best outcomes for you. Some patients decide on having additional facial procedures with their facelift including eyelid surgery, brow lift, rhinoplasty or chemical peel. Facial fat transfer is also often recommended and is used to correct the distribution of facial fat and to add volume to the face that is lost due to aging. Dr. Bachilo will outline your surgical plan in details and discuss the advantages and risks associated with each procedure.  Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa is located 20 minutes from Sugar Land and 9 minutes from West University.


How Is Facelift Procedure Performed?

Facelifts are performed in an outpatient certified surgical center or a hospital setting under general anesthesia. The surgery usually takes 4 to 5 hours but may take longer if adjunct procedures are performed. Often patients go home after their procedure, but overnight stay can also be arranged if needed. Dr. Bachilo designs skin incisions that are best suited for you. The skin flaps are raised and the underlying facial structures such as muscles and fat are tightened and lifted. Excess fat may be removed from the neck and jowls as needed. Then the skin is then placed back down and the extra skin is removed. Fat is injected where more volume is needed, such temples, deep facial grooves and cheeks. At the end of the procedure your face is wrapped with fluffy and compressive dressing. Draining tubes may be placed under the skin and are usually removed in one to two days. You may be discharged to go home after short recovery or be admitted for overnight observation. Follow up appointment will be scheduled for you a day after your surgery.

The breast lift is performed in an outpatient surgery center or a hospital utilizing general anesthesia to ensure maximum comfort and safety for our patients. Additionally, local anesthetic if often used to further alleviate any potential discomfort after the surgery.

The surgery may take from two to five hours depending on your anatomy and the extent of your procedure. Breast tissue is lifted to a higher position on the chest wall during the mastopexy procedure. The nipple is also repositioned to a new higher position to match the new breast. Breast tissue is re-sculpted to a more attractive shape and any excess skin is trimmed away. Degree of scarring varies between individuals as every patient is unique.


What to Expect During Facelift Recovery?

Discomfort after facelift is minimal and is managed with oral pain medication. Dr. Bachilo will follow you closely during your healing process.

Sutures in the face are removed 5 to 7 days after your operation. Bruising and swelling is normal for about 2 weeks. You may experience some numbness over your cheek areas which will resolve gradually over time. Patients can return to work 1 to 2 weeks after surgery and exercise can be resumed one month after surgery.

Important things to remember after your facelift:

  • Do not lift anything heavy or bend down, this may cause bleeding to your face.
  • Sleep with your head elevated on several pillows to reduce swelling.
  • Use ice as needed for swelling.
  • Do not smoke for 1 month after surgery.
  • Do not drive while taking your narcotic pain medication.
  • Resume skin care products and full face makeup when incisions are fully healed.
  • Protect your face and incisions from the sun with use of sunscreen and hat.

What Results Can I Expect After a Facelift?

Dr. Bachilo strives to deliver a natural looking result with your goals in mind.  Ideal outcome is having you looking as yourself only many years younger. As with any surgical procedure, facelift resets the clock but does not stop it and therefore aging will continue. Your facelift results will last approximately 5 to10 years. You may need additional procedures and touchups several years later. To maintain your youthful appearance and in order to maximize your results for years to come it is recommended that you continue a good skin care routine and sun protection. Minimally invasive procedures, for instance Botox injections, fillers and chemical peels, can refresh your appearance with virtually no down time.

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Contact our office to learn how you can achieve a natural looking more youthful appearance for years to come. Dr. Bachilo will customize your facelift to deliver the results you desire. Call our office to schedule your free consultation today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Facelift

What is a Mini Facelift?

Mini facelift, also referred to as \u201cthe weekend facelift\u201d, is performed though much smaller incision than a traditional facelift, and therefore has some limitations. It is designed for younger patients that only need a minor correction to their appearance. Recovery front mini lift is faster than with the full lift, but results also have less longevity.

What is a Short Scar Facelift?

Short scar facelift, or Minimal Access Cranial Suspension (MACS) Lift, is performed though a shorter incision than a traditional facelift. It is designed to lift the cheeks and helps to reduce jowls. It reduces appearance of nasolabial folds and creates smoother cheeks, but it does not address the neck. This procedure is perfect for patients that are looking to rejuvenate their mid-facial area without a lot of down time.

What is considered a Liquid Facelift?

A treatment through a combination of injectable procedures is refered as a liquid facelift. A variety of products may be used to achieve a youthful facial appearance including Botox, fillers and platelet rich plasma (PRP). These minimally invasive procedures may delay the need for surgical interventions for several years. Results last several months and should be maintained with regular follow ups for best outcome. Some need Botox or Dysport to smooth away fine lines. Injectable fillers are used to augment cheeks and lips and reduce appearance of deep and superficial lines. PRP is used to improve skin quality and help the skin build more collagen.

What is a Vampire Facelift?

A \u201cVampire Face Lift\u201d is a non-surgical facelift performed using Platelet Rich Plasma taken from the patient’s own blood plasma. While a Vampire Face Lift will produce dramatic improvements in the tone and texture of the skin, it will not lift and tighten skin in the same way as a traditional surgical facelift.

Who is a good candidate for a Facelift?

Facelift surgery is designed for healthy individuals with mature skin who wish to reduce the visible signs of aging, such as sagging skin, lines, and wrinkles. Some patients may not require a surgical facelift and Dr. Bachilo may recommend an alternate procedure instead. A surgical facelift may be ideal for patients who still retain some degree of suppleness and elasticity in the skin, and whose bone structure is solid enough to support the relocation of muscle and fatty tissue. If you are in the process of losing weight or undergoing pregnancy or lactation, it may be best to wait until your body settles before undergoing a facelift, as future fluctuations in weight may affect the outcome of your surgery.

How is a traditional Facelift performed?

The traditional surgical facelift is performed under general anesthesia. The procedure usually requires an incision drawn along the natural hairline, where it may be easily hidden, and through which Dr. Bachilo will gently lift and tighten the skin and muscle tissue, and extract any excess fat, trimming away extra skin to create a smooth and youthful contour.

Will a Facelift tighten the skin in my throat and neck?

No. A traditional facelift does not address sagging skin in the throat and neck region; however, you may choose to combine your facelift with a neck lift in order to treat the skin and throat area in the same surgical session.

How long is recovery from a facelift?

Immediately following the surgery, your head will be bandaged in order to reduce swelling and protect the delicate skin. You will need to have someone drive you home and help you around the house for a few days as you rest. The bandages will be removed after two days, at which time you may shower and wash your hair. After two weeks, your stitches will come out, and you may gradually resume non-strenuous activities at this point. A full recovery may take anywhere from four to six weeks, during which you may gradually increase your level of physical activity slowly and gently. The full results of your procedure will be visible once all the swelling subsides, typically about six weeks after the surgery.

Does a Facelift leave visible scars?

The traditional facelift procedure is performed using a hairline incision that is easily camouflaged within the natural hairline. Other small incisions may be hidden within the natural creases of the face and neck. The procedure is performed using very thin hairline incisions, and if properly cared for, the scars will fade naturally over time, becoming virtually invisible.

How long do results last after a Facelift?

While a facelift will permanently remove fatty tissue and reposition muscles it cannot prevent the aging process from continuing to take a toll on your face, and there are many factors that may affect the way your face ages, such as the condition of your skin, your age, and your lifestyle. Proper care of the skin will help your results last longer, and you must commit to using daily sun protection with an SPF of 30 or higher. If you refrain from smoking, and follow a healthy diet and exercise regime, your results will typically last longer than if you don’t care properly for your overall health. You may choose to undergo a follow-up treatment after some years pass; however in many cases, you may be able to update your look by means of a less invasive procedure that can help to extend the results of your facelift.

Facelift for Men
Surgery Overview
  • AnesthesiaGeneral
  • Surgery Length4 to 5 Hours
  • Recovery Time2 Weeks

Male Facelift in Houston, TX

The male facelift is a customized cosmetic procedure for men who seek to restore a youthful appearance to their face and neck. In the Houston, Texas area, Dr. Olga Bachilo performs male facelifts and a variety of other cosmetic procedures tailored for male as well as female patients.

Turn the Time Back with a Male Facelift

A male facelift, or rhytidectomy in medical terminology, is a surgical procedure that tightens the facial skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and imperfections in the skin, and repositions facial features in such a way as to rejuvenate the facial appearance. A male facelift is customized to enhance the masculine facial contour, noting the specific qualities in facial features, such as a defined jaw and chin, which enhance and rejuvenate the masculine face and profile.


Benefits of the Male Facelift

As we age, loss of youthful contours and definition in the face are inevitable, and are caused by many factors, including age, overall health, genetics, exposure to sun and the elements, drinking, smoking, exposure to environmental toxins, diet, stress levels, and the natural effects of gravity on the skin and facial features. After some years, any combination of those factors will result in visible signs of aging, such as sagging skin, wrinkles, and drooping jowls, which may make men appear older, more tired, and less vibrant than they actually feel. The most common conditions treated by a male facelift include:

  • Deep nasolabial folds extending from the nose to the corners of the mouth.
  • Double chin
  • Flat or sunken cheekbones
  • Jowls
  • Lax, sagging skin in the lower face and throat area
  • Wrinkles, lines, and creases

Candidates for a Male Facelift

You may consider a male facelift if you are beginning to notice lines, wrinkles and creases, the formation of jowls and sagging skin beneath the chin, as well as sunken cheekbones, or wrinkles and lines around the eyes and mouth. You must be in good health and have no contraindicated conditions that would impair the success of the surgery. To learn more about whether or not you may be a candidate for a male facelift, contact Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa today.


What Should I Expect After the Procedure?

While each procedure is customized and tailored to each patient, the male facelift is typically performed using a very fine, inconspicuous incision that usually starts in the hairline at the temples and follows the hairline around the ear to the lower scalp. Depending on your unique concerns, Dr. Bachilo will delicately reposition fat and soft tissue from areas where it has accumulated, such as jowls and a double chin, to other areas such as cheekbones to produce more balance and definition.  The muscles and skin of the face are also lifted and pulled tighter, to create a smoother and firmer facial texture.  In some cases, a second incision under the chin may be useful to tighten skin in the neck and throat region.

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Get rid of those sagging jowls, bags, and wrinkles and rejuvenate your facial appearance with a male facelift. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Olga Bachilo, a gifted plastic surgeon known for excellence in men’s facial procedures and other cosmetic surgeries.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference between a Male Facelift and Female Facelift?

The Facelift is a specialized procedure that must really take into consideration the patient’s overall facial shape, as well as the size and shape of the facial features. A male Facelift is designed to produce a more angular and defined facial contour than the roundish facial contours produced in a female Facelift. The differences are most notable in the area of the forehead, nose, jaw, and chin. For instance, the goal of the Male Facelift is to achieve a much squarer jaw and chin than the goal of a woman’s Facelift, which is designed to sculpt a more oval shape in the chin and jaw area.

Non-Surgical & Minimally Invasive Facelift
  • Non-Invasive Options
Non-Invasive Options

Non-Surgical Solutions for Face Rejuventaion

Apart from Facelift surgery, Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa also offer a selection of non-surgical and minimally invasive treatments, such as:


Contact us to learn more about the options.

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Contact our office to learn how you can achieve a natural looking more youthful appearance for years to come. Dr. Bachilo will customize your facelift to deliver the results you desire. Call our office to schedule your free consultation today!

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Dr. Olga Bachilio was awesome! She made me feel so comfortable and at home and it gave me great confidence in going ahead with the procedure.

Dr. Bachilo is a skilled physician

Dr. Bachilo is a skilled physician who takes her time with patients to ensure that all questions are addressed. Her staff is also very professional. Hopeful for the longer-term benefits from the procedure.

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Within 48 hours I experienced excellent results that have continued since.

I Am so Happy with My Breast Implant Results
Tamera Danna

Dr. Bachilo is such a wonderful surgeon. I am so happy with my breast implant results. Several friends who also had surgical procedures with Dr. Bachilo are extremely thrilled with her expertise! Eva does such a fantastic job on facials and skin treatments. The hydrafacials are GREAT!!! I am so thankful for Dr. Bachilo’s advice and knowledge of what looks good and what will be realistic. GREAT SURGEON!!!

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