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Why Choose Dr. Olga Bachilo for Your Mommy Makeover

If you’ve become discouraged with the way your body has changed after pregnancy, childbirth and lactation, and you’re fantasizing about having some work done to improve your appearance, consider a Mommy Makeover.

What Is a Mommy Makeover?

The procedure known as Mommy Makeover is actually a customized combination of various surgical procedures that address the most common problems produced by the effects of pregnancy, childbirth, and lactation. These conditions include sagging breasts, loss of breast volume, a thick and undefined waistline, flaccid muscle and skin laxity in the abdomen, and other related issues. Because no two individuals have exactly the same set of issues, each Mommy Makeover procedure is tailored to each individual patient.

A Mommy Makeover procedure may include any combination of the following treatments:

Breast Enhancement

This may be a Breast Augmentation or Breast Reduction Procedure to either increase or decrease the size of the breasts. In the case of Breast Augmentation, the procedure may be achieved either by means of breast implants or by fat transfer. Breast augmentation and breast reduction procedures are often accompanied by a Breast Lift procedure to restore firmness to sagging breasts and produce a more youthful appearance.

Tummy Tuck

Depending on your condition, you may opt for a full Tummy-Tuck or a Mini Tummy Tuck procedure to remove excess fat, tighten skin, and eliminate some surface skin issues such as stretch marks. The difference between these two procedures is that the Mini Tummy Tuck only tightens skin as far up as the existing belly button, while the full Tummy Tuck also includes the waistline and the skin above the existing navel. A full Tummy Tuck repairs and tightens the abdominal muscles extending from the ribcage to the pubis and includes the relocation of the navel.

Another difference between a full and mini Tummy Tuck is the length of the incision scar. While a full Tummy Tuck incision normally runs across the lower abdomen stretching from hip to hip, a mini Tummy Tuck uses a much shorter incision.


Liposuction may be used as part of the Mommy Makeover to enhance the results of other procedures, to produce skin tightening, and to remove stubborn pockets of fat in specific problem areas. Liposuction produces increased muscle definition and more sculpted contour in the torso, particularly in the abdomen and flanks, treating things such as love handles and bra bulges.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Childbirth can take a toll on the muscles of the vaginal walls and some women lose sensitivity in the area, affecting their intimate relationships and quality of life. Vaginal rejuvenation may include surgical procedures such as labiaplasty or vaginoplasty, which tighten and tone the muscles and skin of the vagina, or you may opt for nonsurgical procedures such as ThermiVa, a noninvasive treatment that uses radiofrequency technology to painlessly tighten vaginal muscles nonsurgically.

ThermiVa uses a wand applicator that delivers heat to subdermal skin layers, restoring tightness to the vaginal wall and surrounding area. The ThermiVa wand may also be applied to the labia and vulva to restore tone, volume and elasticity, rejuvenating the entire area.

If you’re considering having a Mommy Makeover, it is important to find a surgeon who has experience with this complex and multifaceted procedure. For best results, trust your care to a respected and reputable plastic surgeon, such as Houston’s renowned Mommy Makeover expert, Dr. Olga Bachilo, head of Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa.

A Woman’s Perspective

Dr. Bachilo brings a woman’s perspective to her bedside manner, with particular sensitivity to the emotional and psychological state that many women are in following childbirth and lactation. As a woman herself, Dr. Bachilo makes it easy for her patients to open up and express their concerns in order to find effective solutions.

Natural Results

A seasoned professional who is highly committed to her craft, Dr. Bachilo has performed hundreds of Mommy Makeover procedures over the course of her career, achieving exquisite, natural-looking results for her patients.

Safety First

Dr. Bachilo is also committed to ensuring the safety of each and every patient and has a successful track record of providing the safest possible experience for all of her surgical as well as nonsurgical patients. Whenever possible, Dr. Bachilo will opt to perform the least aggressive procedure possible if it will achieve the patient’s desired results. She also works with top of the line professionals such as the best anesthesiologists in the Houston area. Her clinical staff at Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa is also a team of highly trained professionals focused on patient safety above all else.

No-Drain Tummy Tuck

The traditional Tummy Tuck, known scientifically as an abdominoplasty, has up until recently been performed using suction drains, or plastic tubes that are sutured to the skin to prevent accumulation of fluid during and following the procedure. These drains can cause patient discomfort and limit mobility following surgery.

Dr. Bachilo performs a new type of Tummy Tuck surgery that uses no drains, alleviating the discomfort associated with drains, while also speeding up the recovery period after surgery. The drainless Tummy Tuck method uses liposuction to eliminate excess skin and fat from the abdomen, then pulls and tightens the abdominal muscles as well as the skin of the abdomen, producing a flat belly, a defined waistline, and a smooth abdominal contour. Dr. Bachilo is an expert in this new drainless method of Tummy Tuck surgery and has been performing this procedure for years.

Long-Acting Injectable Pain Control

Dr. Bachilo is committed to reducing any potential discomfort for her surgical patients and provides the safest and most effective forms of long-acting pain control options to keep her patients comfortable during and following the procedure.

Non-Narcotic Pain Regimen that Lets You Get Back to Normal Faster

Sensitive to the concerns and obligations of her patients who are new mothers, Dr. Bachilo understands the need for patients to be functional during recovery from surgery. By establishing a non-narcotic pain regimen for her patients, free of dangerous and addictive opioids, she makes sure that her patients are able to get back to their regular lives as quickly and safely as possible.

Keller Funnel for Breast Implants

The Keller Funnel is a mechanical insertion device developed in 2009 that allows for no-touch implantation of silicone gel breast implants. The Funnel is a cone-shaped sleeve (similar to the bag used by pastry chefs) that has a smooth inner coating. The Keller Funnel allows breast implants to be positioned without friction, reducing the risk of long-term complications such as capsular contracture, the most common complication that arises in breast implant surgery.

In fact, in a study published by the Georgetown University School of Medicine in Washington, D.C., researchers noted an 87% reduction of the incidence of capsular contracture in patients who had undergone breast implant surgery using the Keller Funnel technique when compared to patients who had undergone manual placement of breast implants.

If you want to be in the best of hands, and receive the best possible attention and care throughout the entire process of your Mommy Makeover, contact Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bachilo and get started on your Mommy Makeover journey! Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa serves Houston area residents in Katy, Sugar Land, and other neighboring communities in Texas.

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