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When is the Best Time to Plan Your Breast Augmentation?


Once you’ve decided to enhance your appearance through breast augmentation, you have embarked on a journey of self-love that will require your commitment and dedication. This means you’ll have to set aside the necessary time and energy to properly care for yourself before, during, and after the procedure. By planning before scheduling your surgery, you can ensure that you’ll provide yourself with the optimal circumstances for recovery.

For mothers, the best time to plan for cosmetic surgery may be during the summer months, when children are on vacation. Ideally, it would be great to send the kiddies off to Grandma’s for a week or so to give yourself the time to focus on yourself and get the most from the procedure and the recovery period. Think of it as a period of rebirth, during which you get to be the center of your universe!

It won’t be challenging to get through the surgery and recovery period with proper planning, a process that many surgeons estimate to last anywhere from one to six weeks. But the more you can rest properly and focus on your healing, the faster the process will be.


The first step in planning your surgery is to determine how long it will take you to get ready for surgery. Ideally, before undergoing any cosmetic surgery, you should have a clean bill of health from your primary caregiver, so make time for a general checkup sometime before your procedure. This way, if any issues are present that could affect your procedure, they can be addressed ahead of time.

If you are a smoker, you must give yourself ample time to quit smoking before undergoing plastic surgery. Smoking can significantly deter the healing process and jeopardize your results. Suppose you are taking any medications that are contra-indicated with surgery, such as blood thinners or NSAIDs. In that case, you may have to allow yourself a few days before surgery to discontinue those medications and stabilize your treatment without them temporarily. If your diet is less than optimal, take the time to begin a new, healthier diet and exercise regimen that will help your body prepare for surgery and recover more quickly and efficiently.

It’s also an excellent idea to take a few days before surgery to prepare several meals ahead of time and freeze them or arrange for a meal delivery service to make your recovery easier. Do any housework that needs handling ahead of time, so you don’t have to bother with this after surgery, or consider hiring help or asking a spouse or friend for assistance during the first week after your procedure.


The first week of recovery is the most crucial, and ideally, you should allow yourself enough time to relax and take care of yourself during this week, so scheduling the surgery at a time when you can afford to take some time off from work is critical. During this time, your movements will be limited, so resting quietly at home during this first week is essential.

You’ll need to refrain from strenuous exercise and heavy lifting for several weeks, so if your job requires these activities, you’ll need to secure enough time off to allow for a proper recovery. Consider what time of year is the least pressured at your job so you can take the time you need without negatively affecting your work environment. If you can work remotely for a few weeks, this may be a great idea.

It may take several months for your body to adapt to your new breasts. While you cannot rush the process, you can take steps and measures to make the process more comfortable and optimize your results. Drinking plenty of fluids, eating a healthy diet, and getting proper rest will provide the best results.

Although Dr. Bachilo will advise you to limit strenuous exercise, you will also need to remain active. Consult with Dr. Bachilo as to what activities she recommends for you at which point during the healing process.

If you’re ready to transform your body and life through a breast augmentation procedure, contact Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa and schedule a consultation with Dr. Bachilo to begin your journey to a brand new body and a brand new you!

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