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Ultimate Guide to Laser Hair Removal

Are you tired of razor burns and ingrown hairs from shaving? Hate to go weeks ungroomed, while waiting for your next painful waxing session? Consider Laser Hair Removal! This miraculous laser treatment is truly a testament to how modern technology has changed the world of medical aesthetics.


Perhaps you have been turned off by the idea of laser hair removal because of things you may have heard, such as discomfort, affordability, or not being a candidate for the procedure if you are African American or have a darker skin tone.


But gone are the days when laser hair removal was limited to only certain skin tones and skin types! Gone are the days of burning and pain during laser hair removal treatments! And the procedure is more affordable than you can imagine. The new era of laser hair removal is here, and Dr. Bachilo at Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa is thrilled to offer this wonderful new technology to her patients in the greater Houston area.


Because it can take a few sessions and a few weeks to achieve your ultimate hair removal goals, winter is the best time of year to undergo laser hair removal treatments, since your skin will be protected by clothing and from the sun’s harmful rays, and you will have plenty of time to complete your treatments and bare it all in time for spring and summer!


How do lasers for hair removal work?

Laser hair removal is a semi-permanent treatment that works by damaging hair follicles to reduce hair growth. The laser beam targets melanin or pigment in hair follicles, then proceeds to burn the hair down to the root, minimizing future growth. Bear in mind that, since most laser hair removal devices directly target melanin, there are many laser hair removal treatments that may not be suitable for people with darker skin tones and/or lighter hair color.


Fortunately, at Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa, we use the revolutionary SPLENDOR X laser hair removal system from Lumenis, which employs a proprietary BLEND X component combining a dual laser release of Nd:YAG (1064nm) and Alexandrite (755nm) wavelengths. These wavelengths may be synchronized and adjusted, allowing our providers to customize each hair removal treatment with great precision, providing optimally personalized treatments for each patient, and expanding the effectiveness of laser hair removal treatments across a far wider range of skin tones than ever before.


What are the benefits of laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal does not banish hair growth permanently, but it is currently the treatment of choice for long-term hair removal. The only system approved by the FDA for permanent hair removal is electrolysis: a painful, lengthy, and costly process that has largely been replaced by laser treatments, which provide more convenience and far less discomfort, while also being more affordable.  And laser hair removal does minimize hair growth dramatically, so much so that many of our laser hair removal patients can go for years between maintenance treatments. When hairs do grow back due to hormonal changes, they generally grow much finer and lighter in color.


Laser hair removal may be performed anywhere on the body, and the laser device may cover large areas quickly. Unlike electrolysis, which may be too painful to endure in certain areas, laser hair removal is safe for uses on the legs, chest, back, underarms, bikini line and full Brazilian, abdomen, arms, buttocks, hands, feet, and face… in fact, you can get hair removed from virtually any area of your body – painlessly – with the SPLENDOR X!


Laser hair removal is also a superior treatment when compared to other options, such as waxing, and the cost savings with laser hair removal versus waxing may finally convince you to take the step.  It is also less painful and provides longer lasting results than waxing.


Compare Average Annual Spent

  Waxing Laser Hair Removal (6 treatments)
Face $767 $500
Bikini $611 $500
Brazilian $780 $750


Laser hair removal with SPLENDOR X is considerably less painful than it is with other methods of hair removal, so don’t be afraid to remove all the hair you want gone!


Is laser hair removal safe for all skin tones?

Yes! The safety of the laser hair removal treatment depends on two crucial factors:

  • The type of laser being used, and
  • The practitioner performing the treatment


What type of laser hair removal treatment is best for you?

Most traditional laser hair removal treatments cater to patients with lighter skin and dark hair, since this contrast between the pigment of the skin and hair helps the laser more easily target the hair follicle. Therefore, if you have an olive to deep brown skin tone, it is of utmost importance to ask if the laser being used for your laser hair removal treatment is actually safe and effective for use with your particular skin tone.


If your skin tone is warm to light brown, the most suitable laser hair removal treatment for you might be one that uses diode, alexandrite, or Nd:YAG technology. For patients with olive skin tone and dark hair, an alexandrite type of laser might be the best bet, whereas for patients with darker skin tones, the diode and Nd:YAG lasers might be more suitable, as these employ longer wavelengths and don’t target pigment in the skin.


For the darkest skin tones, the Nd:YAG laser is considered the most suitable option, since it does not target melanin at all.  In a 2011 study published in the journal Lasers in Medical Science involving 150 participants, researchers found that 86% of those participants — whose skin tones ranged from olive to deep brown — experienced effective results with no complications after treatment with ​​Nd:YAG lasers.


To fully protect yourself against laser-induced skin discoloration – no matter what your skin tone may be – bear in mind that exposure to sunlight prior to a laser treatment may increase your risk of hyperpigmentation or discoloration due to a temporary increase in skin melanin. Dr. Bachilo will advise you to avoid direct exposure to sunlight for one week prior to your laser hair removal treatment, as well as stopping the use of retinoids and Accutane.


Laser hair removal may not be recommended for you if you are pregnant, simply as a safety precaution, since there is currently very little to no data available to support the safety of using lasers for cosmetic procedures such as hair removal during pregnancy. Your best bet is to wait until after you deliver your baby to undergo laser hair removal.


Who should perform your laser hair removal treatment?

It is extremely important to have your laser hair removal treatment performed by skilled and qualified practitioners, such as our licensed medical aestheticians at Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa, and supervised by our board-certified plastic surgeon with extra training specifically in lasers.


When performed by an untrained or unqualified technician, laser hair removal may produce unwanted side effects, such as burns, discoloration, or scars on the skin. Sadly, licensing procedures for this treatment vary widely between states, and in some cases, there may be no requirements to ensure that a provider is properly trained and skilled at performing this procedure.


Be careful with “laser centers” and places that offer a discounted price for services. Since many states don’t have proper licensing requirements in place for laser hair removal providers, you must check the background of the person who is going to deliver your service. If your preference is to have this procedure performed at a spa, choose a reputable medical spa such as Glamour Plastic Surgery. Your laser hair removal providers should also have specific laser certification, as does our medically trained staff and Dr. Bachilo.


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