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Top Stretch Mark Removal Treatments

Top Stretch Mark Removal Treatments in Houston, Texas

If you’d like to learn about the causes, prevention, and treatment of stretch marks, below are Dr. Bachilo’s recommendations for keeping your skin smooth and flawless.

Causes and Prevention

Stretch marks occur due to the expansion and contraction of skin cells and often develop as a side effect of weight gain or frequent weight fluctuations and pregnancy. Even bodybuilding and breast enhancement procedures can result in stretch marks. While stretch marks create an unwelcome imperfection on the skin, they are perfectly normal and can even occur in children during sudden growth spurts. However, most stretch marks that develop during childhood will eventually fade on their own. In other instances, however, stretch marks can be very stubborn and difficult to eliminate.

Procedures such as bariatric surgery can result in severe stretch marks. Regular use of steroids may also produce stretch marks, as can certain medical conditions, such as Cushing’s syndrome, Marfan syndrome, and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS). Some individuals and certain skin types are also more prone to developing stretch marks, which are more visible on some skin types. While no treatment can completely remove stretch marks, many treatments are available to diminish the appearance of unsightly stretch marks, making them blend in with the surrounding skin and appear almost invisible.

Because stretch marks occur as a normal process, there is no way to prevent their development totally. To improve your chances of preventing stretch marks, you should attempt to avoid dramatic weight fluctuations and get in the habit of using top-quality medical-grade skincare products that promote proper hydration of the skin to improve and maintain its moisture and elasticity. These products keep skin smooth and supple and encourage skin proteins like collagen and elastin, which protect against the formation of stretch marks.  Regular exfoliation of the skin may also help to prevent stretch marks from developing or becoming severe.

Topical Treatments

Topical creams and ointments are one way that you can attempt to reduce stretch marks and are typically more affordable than med spa treatments. When using topical products, invest in professional pharmaceutical-grade products such as those offered at Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa, as these are dramatically superior to over-the-counter products.

One common topical treatment for treating stretch marks is Retinoid cream. Retinoids are chemical compounds derived from vitamin A. These are applied to the skin to improve the appearance of stretch marks relatively recent, typically less than a few months old. In some cases, Tretinoin may be effective at rebuilding the skin’s natural collagen, reducing the appearance of stretch marks. The trouble with topical treatments is that Retinoids and Tretinoin may irritate your skin. Also, if you are pregnant or nursing, Retinoid cream may produce side effects that may affect your baby.

Exfoliation and Microdermabrasion

One simple and inexpensive way to treat stretch marks, particularly white and silver stretch marks, is through regular skin exfoliation. While Dr. Bachilo can recommend professional exfoliation products that you can use to exfoliate your skin at home regularly, your best bet is to enhance the use of these products with microdermabrasion treatments at Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa.

Microdermabrasion provides efficient and thorough skin exfoliation, gently removing the outer layers to reveal healthy new layers of fresh skin cells. The procedure is performed using a device that gently scrapes off the skin’s outermost layer and increases collagen production. Collagen is a natural building block of healthy skin that strengthens and fortifies skin cells, making your skin smoother and more supple while also increasing the skin’s radiance.

Microdermabrasion is effective for light-colored stretch marks and other surface imperfections such as acne scars and discoloration, improving skin tone and texture. Microdermabrasion treatments should be performed at regular intervals to obtain and maintain optimal results.

IPL and Laser Therapies

Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa also provide various Intense Pulse Light (IPL) and laser skin resurfacing treatments that may help remove stretch marks and stimulate collagen production, promoting increased elasticity in the skin. Fractional laser treatments are excellent for treating certain stretch marks, but laser treatments are not suitable for all skin types. Dr. Bachilo can recommend the best treatment options for you once she performs a thorough evaluation of your condition and skin type.

Microneedling and RF Microneedling

Microneedling is another treatment option that has shown effectiveness in reducing the appearance of surface skin imperfections such as stretch marks, acne scars, brown spots, and discoloration.

Microneedling is performed using a hand-held device with minuscule needles that gently perforate the skin’s surface to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Microdermabrasion is often the treatment of choice for individuals who are not good candidates for laser therapy, such as people with darker skin tones or certain sensitive skin types. Microneedling may also be combined with RadioFrequency (RF) therapy to provide a more comprehensive skin improvement, enhancing the treatment’s effectiveness at increasing collagen production and providing beneficial skin tightening results.

Cosmetic surgery

In extreme cases where non-invasive treatments do not work effectively, such as cases where bariatric surgery or extreme weight loss has caused severe stretch marks in the abdomen or other areas of the body, cosmetic surgery may be recommended to fully remove damaged skin tissue and restore the skin’s tightness and smoothness.

If you live in Houston, Sugar Land, Katy, or neighboring communities in Texas, and are tired of seeing stretch marks and other surface imperfections in your skin that mar its natural beauty, please call our office at Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bachilo.

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