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Slim Down Your Jawline with Botox!

The jaw line determines the shape of the lower face, which in turn greatly affects the facial appearance. In many individuals, the jaw line appears wide and square, imparting an aged appearance to the face.  In women, a square jaw line may also impart a more masculine appearance.  While it was previously believed that only cosmetic surgery could correct this, a simple nonsurgical treatment has now been discovered – and it may be as quick and easy as a simple Botox injection!

What is the masseter muscle?

The masseter muscle is located along the sides of jaw, and aids in the function of chewing.  This muscle also develops when we clench or grind our teeth, which many of us may do unconsciously as a consequence of chronic stress or anxiety.  It may even happen while you sleep!

While in some people, a naturally thick masseter muscle and square-shaped jaw may stem from simple genetics; many other individuals develop thick masseter muscles as a consequence of many years of grinding or clenching their teeth.  As we age, years of chewing also thicken this muscle, which is why a square-shaped jaw line is often associated with visible signs of aging.

In youth, the human face naturally tends to be widest around the eye area, and narrowest at the jaw, giving the face a natural heart-shape or V-shape, with tapering at the chin. As we age, the lower face may increasingly develop a square shape as the jaw line widens due to prolonged use of the masseter muscle.

Botox to the rescue!

Injecting Botox into the masseter muscle produces the effect of temporarily relaxing the muscle so that it doesn’t continue to flex and work as hard when you chew.  This will diminish the thickening effect that is caused by regular flexing of the muscle.  As a result of this, the jaw line will slim down into a narrower shape, reducing the square appearance of the jaw, and restoring the youthful facial tapering at the chin.

The process of jaw reduction will develop gradually as muscle thickness diminishes following Botox injections.  The process may take about 2 to 8 weeks to produce appreciable results. This means that the results of your treatment will emerge gradually, practically imperceptibly, and it will appear to others as if you simply dropped a few pounds and your face has slimmed down a bit.

The results of each treatment typically last for a few months, after which time the masseter muscle will continue to begin thickening again with regular use. To maintain the results of the procedure, you will need to come in periodically for follow-up injections.  Over time, as the muscle loses volume and thickness thanks to repeated treatments, you will need fewer injections.

Am I too young for Botox?

Botox is safe to use in healthy adults over the age of 21.  In fact, by using Botox in your younger years, you may be able to effectively prevent thickening of the masseter muscle in your later years, extending the youthfulness of your facial appearance.  For this reason, Botox injections have become the preferred option among doctors for slimming the masseter muscle and defining the chin and jaw line among younger patients.

Botox treatment is quick and simple, taking only a few minutes and few injections on each side, and can even be performed during your lunch break, with no downtime so you can go on with your day.  Contact Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa today to learn more about how Botox can help you look younger!

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