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Living Healthy and Strong After 50

More and more, people are defying outdated notions about aging and embracing an active and healthy lifestyle as they age. If you want to live healthy and strong after 50, here are some recommendations from Dr. Olga Bachilo, board-certified plastic surgeon and anti-aging expert, and Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa owner.

In addition to eating a healthy diet rich in lean proteins, whole grains, and fresh fruits and vegetables, and avoiding toxins such as cigarette smoke, and consuming stimulants such as caffeine and alcoholic beverages in moderation, there are other ways to strengthen and tone your musculoskeletal system and ensure that you have plenty of energy as you age.

The Importance of Muscle Strength

An increasingly sedentary lifestyle as we age can take a significant toll on mature adults, making even the most minor daily tasks challenging and contributing to a decrease in bone density and lean muscle mass. Once you hit the age of 30, you begin losing approximately 3% to 5% of your body’s lean muscle mass every ten years. This can lead to stiff and aching hip muscles and an overall decline in muscle strength.

While you may think you’re doing plenty of exercises, only 55% of adults engage in sufficient physical activity to genuinely achieve health benefits from it. Core to Floor therapy can increase the amount of exercise your body does without you ever having to set foot in a gym or do a single sit-up.

Core to Floor Concept

The core muscles stabilize and support the spine, torso, abdomen and hips, including the rectus abdominis or six-pack abs, the transverse abdominis, and the external and internal obliques as the gluteal muscles that support the buttocks. These muscles are aided by the pelvic floor muscles that form a hammock supporting the internal organs of the abdominal cavity.

Core to floor therapy is the first non-invasive cosmetic procedure to treat the core to floor muscles, improving muscle strength, balance, posture, and alleviating problems such as urinary incontinence. Core to Floor therapy uses two revolutionary HIFEM therapy devices, Emsculpt NEO and Emsella, to strengthen, tone, and tighten these foundational muscles.

Core to Floor therapy benefits the body by increasing muscle hypertrophy and hyperplasia, and restoring neuromuscular control, such as greater control of the bladder and surrounding tissue, alleviating incontinence and improving posture and balance.

What is Emsculpt NEO and how does it work?

Emsculpt NEO is a non-invasive body contouring treatment and the first and only FDA-approved procedure to tighten and build muscle tissue while burning fat.

Emsculpt NEO treatments use electromagnetic energy to stimulate supramaximal contractions in specific muscle groups in the abdominal region and buttocks. The process is similar to an encapsulated hyper-intensive workout, burning loads of calories and fat while building muscle as if you had gone to the gym and done thousands of squats and sit-ups. The results are markedly increased firmness and definition in the abs and buttocks.

In seven clinical studies measuring fat loss and muscle definition in the abdomen and buttocks after a series of four Emsculpt NEO treatment sessions, the following improvements were observed in healthy adult participants:

  • An average decrease in fat of about 30%
  • An average decrease of about 2 inches in the circumference of the waistline
  • An average increase of 25% in muscle mass
  • An average of 17% reduction in abdominal muscle separation or diastasis recti
  • An average of 96% of patients expressed complete satisfaction with the treatment process

Emsculpt NEO has been FDA-approved for use specifically on the abdomen, buttocks, arms, calves and thighs by stimulating fat loss and producing toned, firm muscles with enhanced muscle definition. In addition to being effective at treating the abdomen and buttocks, Emsculpt may also benefit the upper arms and thighs by improving tone, definition, and firmness in these areas.

Emsculpt NEO therapy is performed during a series of four 30-minute sessions, scheduled twice a week over a period of 2 weeks. Some patients may require follow-up sessions every 3-6 months after the initial treatment.

What is Emsella and how does it work?

Emsella is a non-invasive electromagnetic treatment to alleviate urinary incontinence that works in both male and female patients. The patient simply sits in a chair, fully clothed, for about 30 minutes. During this time, the Emsella device targets the pelvic floor muscles with focused electromagnetic energy, provoking supramaximal contractions in these foundational muscles. These contractions are far more powerful than any contractions that the body could produce during a normal workout, so they produce a dramatic tightening effect within a short period of time. In addition to tightening and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, Emsella re-educates these muscles, improving intimate health and sexual stamina in both male and female patients.

Emsella is highly effective. In fact, about 95% of Emsella patients report a marked improvement in their quality of life, with a 75% reduction in the need for urinary incontinence pads.

Each treatment session takes about 30 minutes, and most patients undergo a series of six sessions, twice weekly over a period of three weeks. Some patients report an intense tingling sensation in the pelvic floor muscles during treatment, but the treatment produces no pain. There is no downtime to worry about, and you may resume regular activities immediately following your treatment.

If you’re interested in learning how Core to Floor therapy with Emsculpt NEO and Emsella can totally upgrade your intimate health, improve your sexual function, and elevate your quality of life, contact Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bachilo.

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