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How does SPLENDOR X differ from other Laser Hair Removal Treatments?

Do you hate to go days ungroomed, while waiting for your next painful waxing session? Tired of ingrown hairs and razor burns and from shaving? Consider Laser Hair Removal with Splendor X! This miraculous device is truly a testament to how modern technology has changed the world of medical aesthetics. Perhaps you have been turned off by the idea of laser hair removal because of things you may have heard, such as pain, affordability, or not being a candidate for the procedure if you are African American or have a darker skin tone. In this blog, find out why Splendor X technology is the best and newest on the market and EVERYONE is welcome to the party!


  • The SPLENDOR X laser hair removal treatment uses a state-of-the-art technology that allows practitioners to treat patients across a vast range of skin tones, making laser hair removal accessible to a far wider array of people.


  • Unlike laser treatments of the past, during which a numbing cream was applied to skin to prevent discomfort, the SPLENDOR X delivers effective results with no pain, and no burning.


  • The SPLENDOR X device is safer and gentler on your skin than most traditional lasers, since it is designed using an advanced technology that effectively analyzes your unique skin type and provides a more personalized and effective treatment for each individual.


  • The SPLENDOR X employs an advanced cooling technology that combines cooled air with a cooled tip to ensure a comfortable treatment session for each patient.


  • The SPLENDOR X technology provides for a more efficient treatment, which means you will require fewer treatment sessions to achieve your hair removal goals. SPLENDOR X treatments are also shorter in length than hair removal treatments with most traditional laser devices.


  • The SPLENDOR X is the first hybrid hair removal laser in the world that uses an innovative combination of technologies and allows for a vast range of wavelengths to treat patients individually. For example, the 755nm wavelength is excellent for treating lighter skin, while the 1064nm is ideal for those with darker skin tones.  The SPLENDOR X provides the ability to customize these wavelengths for each patient in the correct amounts for each skin type, while also providing a choice of spot sizes, creating a treatment that is personally tailored to each patient.


  • The SPLENDOR X uses a unique square laser technology. While traditional round lasers provide inconsistent coverage and may miss certain areas of skin, the SPLENDOR X employs a unique square-shaped laser that more efficiently covers every inch of skin in the treatment area.


  • The SPLENDOR X is a revolutionary laser system unlike any other, and provides power, speed and coverage like never before. It’s precise, pain-free, quick, and versatile enough to provide effective hair removal procedures as well as treatments for skin conditions such as wrinkles, vascular, and pigment lesions with unprecedented power and speed.

Does laser hair removal provide permanent results?

The SPLENDOR X is powered by BLEND X technology, a more efficient technology than lasers with a single wavelength, making it more effective than other treatments. Laser treatments are most effective at targeting hair when it is at the Anagen growth stage. Naturally, all hair follicles are never going through the same stage at the same time, so you will require several treatments to fully clear any area of all hair. Generally, you will need at least 6 treatments, spaced 5-6 weeks apart.


Most of our patients who undergo laser hair removal treatments with the SPLENDOR X experience results that last for years. Although laser hair removal does not guarantee permanent results, the small % of hairs that do grow back will be finer and lighter in color than before. You may require a maintenance treatment once a year due to hormonal changes in our bodies and dormant hair follicles that may get “awaken”.


If you would like to learn more about getting laser hair removal treatments in time to bare it all in spring and summer, contact Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa today, and schedule your first appointment.  Your journey to silky smooth skin can start as soon as right now!


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