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Common Myths in Medical Aesthetics

MYTH: One (1) treatment will be enough to yield results I am looking for

FACT: Non-surgical aesthetic procedures, both invasive and noninvasive, usually require several treatments for best and noticeable results. Only surgery can provide instant results that will also have to be maintained regardless of the outcome.

MYTH: My results post-treatment will be permanent

FACT: Everything requires maintenance. Think of it as your house or the car, if you do not maintain the condition of either, they will eventually start to deteriorate, break down, and fall to pieces. The same goes for your skin and body. The aging process doesn’t stop, and there are other things to consider such as environmental factors (sun, pollution), fluctuations in weight, stress levels, and etc. We can slow down the aging process, but we cannot stop it. Therefore, maintenance is the key to any treatments for long-lasting results.

MYTH: My skin will be flawless after I am done with the series of treatments

FACT: There are several factors that need to be considered. The main one is the severity of your condition we are treating. If you have never taken care of your skin and used generic or beauty counter products, most likely your skin is not as healthy as you want it to be. So it would be a gradual process requiring a bit of a discipline on your part, to bring back that healthy and beautiful glow to your skin. It’s almost like peeling an onion, the top layer is always rough and tough, but underneath a few layers, it’s a smooth and delicate surface.

Another factor is the aging. We have shrunken the pores, evened out your tone, made your skin smoother, but now you are starting to see hollowness, sagginess, and even deep lines here and there. This is due to the thinning layer of fat pad under your skin as we age. Therefore, treatments using neuromodulators (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin) and hyaluronic acid fillers, help with muscle relaxation and fat padding replacement.

We cannot promise perfection, but we can definitely improve the health of your skin.

MYTH: Skin care is not important and a waste of money

FACT: Skin care is paramount to the health of your skin. The right products will help obtain and maintain optimal results.  Remember: 20% of the results is your treatment at the med spa and 80% is how you take care of your skin at home to maintain it. You still have to brush your teeth after having them cleaned at the dentist, so do not skip on your skin care routine.

MYTH: All skin care is created equal

FACT: Department and drug store products are not as potent/effective as products purchased from a doctor’s office. Clinical grade products may cost more, but require less and improvements are noticeable sooner.

MYTH: I prefer organic or all natural products

FACT: If your skin care can sit on a shelf, it is not organic or natural, otherwise it would go bad in a matter of days if it has no preservatives or chemicals to keep it from spoiling.

MYTH: The higher the SPF number the stronger the sunscreen

FACT: That number represents time rather than strength. For example, SPF 30 means a person can stay out 30 minutes longer before burning than they could if they were not wearing it. Read more on what SPF actually mean in our blog.

MYTH: Sun protection lasts all day

FACT: No SPF will be effective after 90min. We recommend using topical antioxidants under sunscreen. The right antioxidants will help to protect the skin from free radical damage. In other words, topical antioxidants can aid in protecting the skin once sunscreen becomes ineffective and you do not have the ability to reapply.

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