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5 Experts’ Tips on Wedding Makeup for Mature Brides with Problem Skin

It’s never too late to fall in love and start a family. On the wedding day every bride, whether a young girl or mature lady, wants to look her best, so a bridal makeup is a necessary part of any ceremony. However, because of the aging skin, for older ladies looking great is normally not as easy as for younger brides.

In this article we combined tips from the professional makeup artists of Houston, TX to help you look wonderful on your wedding day no matter your age.

Professionals’ Tips on Bridal Makeup for Women With Mature and Problem Skin

Debbie Nguyen

Debbie Nguyen founded Pink Palette Artists in 2008 after pursuing her passion for beauty in the Fashion Institute in New York City. Starting with Debbie alone, now the salon has 16 professional makeup artists and hair stylists ready to help customers achieve a flawless look.

There is no reason why bridal mature makeup can’t be just as flawless as younger bridal makeup. When it comes to older ladies with mature skin, makeup product selection and application are definitely the key factors. Our skin changes constantly as we age whether it becomes drier or less oily or vice versa.

Secondly, less is also more. With the right application you will need fewer products for a fresh glowing skin.

Lastly, skin prep is extremely important. Minimum would be a skin regimen of cleanser, toner/softener, serum, moisturizer, and eye cream. Primer would then be applied after moisturizer before the foundation.

Steps sound overwhelming but once you see the difference with how flawless your makeup is, you’ll be addicted to your regimen.

Kaddy Hawkins

Kaddy Hawkins found her passion for makeup in 2011 as a senior in high school. She started by doing makeup for proms and formal events and ventured into bridal makeup shortly after. KHBeauty is the result of Kaddy’s passion for making her clients look and feel beautiful.

For mature brides’ skin I recommend HYDRATION. Always use a hydrating products to prepare the skin for your special day.

Facials and regular exfoliation can help prepare the skin for a flawless finish on your special day.

Analisa Hastings

Working for a famous cosmetic company Clinique, Analisa Hastings gained extensive knowledge about the skincare and beauty industry, which she then incorporated in her own business Analisa Hastings Hair + Makeup. Devoting herself to her beloved work⁠—doing hair, makeup, and skincare⁠—Analisa finds seeing her clients’ faces light up when they look in the mirror to be the most satisfying part of the process.

Some of the best tips for Bridal makeup when it comes to the problem or mature skin are facials and consistency. Get in to see a local statistician for a thorough cleaning of those pores! It will give your skin a new starting point which will improve texture, clarity, and radiance.

The therapist will then recommend daily maintenance you can do at home. Stick with it, and on the day of the wedding trust your makeup artist to take your beautiful skin to the next level! Hire an artist that knows about all different ages and types of skin to get your best look possible!

Truc Pham

Makeup has always been a passion of Truc Pham. Her salon The Bridal Suite specializes in professional hair styling and makeup applications for weddings and other special occasions. Truc loves enhancing her clients’ beauty and connecting with them especially on their wedding day.

When approaching mature or problematic skin in older women, we always default to moisturizing all over prior to applying makeup. A good primer is a must to blur out and smooth any lines.

Also, less is definitely more! Use foundations moderately and apply with a sponge to get maximum, smooth, and natural looking coverage. Finish with a good setting spray to last throughout the night!

Misty Rockwell

Misty Rockwell has been into makeup since she was 2 years old. With nearly 20 years of experience, Misty formed her own team of professionals—Misty Rockwell Artistry Team who now provides all kinds of makeup: photoshoot, wedding, pageant, editorial, commercial, and others. In Addition to her extensive professional knowledge, Misty regularly attends trainings and workshops to keep up with current trends and techniques.

When we are working with an older bride with mature, and especially problem skin, we really like to do a trial to assess their skin. This way we can give them advice on what to do leading up to the wedding and recommendations on what to use to make sure their makeup application goes on flawlessly.

We let them know that it’s best to work with a medical Esthetician six months out so they can really have time to get a good regime going so their aged skin still looks flawless on their wedding day.

What Else Can Boost Your Wedding Look Besides Makeup?

At Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa, we provide pre-wedding services to brides with problem and aging skin to give them brilliant look on their wedding day. Here are the most popular skin treatments requested from us:

Treatments for Various Conditions

Non-Surgical and Minimally-Invasive Treatments

Surgical Skin Rejuvenation Procedures

And more! Explore our site or schedule a free consultation with the noted Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Olga Bachilo to get the look you want for one of the most important days in your life!

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