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The Benefits of Choosing a Female Plastic Surgeon

Perhaps the most important decision to make when considering plastic surgery is choosing your plastic surgeon. There are many plastic surgeons to choose from in the Houston, Texas area and beyond, but many patients fail to consider whether they’d prefer a male or female doctor. After all, men and women doctors receive the same educations and are equally capable and competent in their fields. However, when it comes to personal experiences as a patient and the doctor-patient relationship, there are some benefits when choosing a female plastic surgeon.

More Thorough Consultation

Statistics have shown that female plastic surgeons spend more time with their patients during consultations compared to male plastic surgeons. This can translate to a more thorough consultation with time to build a friendly and trusting relationship with your plastic surgeon.

Intuitive Understanding of Your Goals

As a woman, your female plastic surgeon in Houston is more likely to intuitively understand your concerns, aesthetic goals, and the changes you’re looking for. Regardless of different body types and specific concerns, most women can understand and relate with each other easily when discussing body confidence.

As a woman herself, Dr. Olga Bachilo is especially happy to help women achieve their goals and invigorate their spirits.  For example, Dr. Bachilo finds it particularly rewarding to perform mommy makeovers, tummy tucks, and breast augmentation. She understands how empowering it can be for a woman to see her pre-pregnancy body again and to regain confidence.

Empathetic to Your Concerns

Women often share similar insecurities at some point in their lives. Therefore, your female plastic surgeon is more likely to be empathetic towards your feeling of self-consciousness, because she has most likely experienced the same or similar things herself. In addition, your female plastic surgeon has also experienced the typical stages of aging that happen to a woman, making it easier to relate to your plastic surgeon when discussing your insecurities with her.

Feel More Comfortable

If you’re having a breast or body procedure, it is inevitable that you’ll have to show your plastic surgeon. While there’s no real reason to feel ashamed or embarrassed with a male doctor, many women simply feel more comfortable and at-ease with female doctors, no matter the discipline. Your plastic surgeon is no exception. It can feel especially vulnerable to show your doctor a “problem area” that you feel self-conscious about, so many women tend to feel more comfortable with a female plastic surgeon.

Meet Dr. Olga Bachilo

Glamour Plastic Surgery’s Dr. Olga Bachilo is proud to be one of the few female plastic surgeons serving Houston, Texas. In addition to obtaining an excellent education and meeting rigorous training standards, Dr. Bachilo values creating a comfortable, friendly atmosphere where each patient is treated with compassionate care. Patients describe Dr. Bachilo as “down-to-earth,” “very friendly and kind” and rave about her excellent results.

Dr. Bachilo was born in Minsk, Belarus, and moved with her family to Houston, Texas, where she later studied at Rice University before moving on to medical school at Texas A&M following a residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas. She then returned to Houston in 2017 to open her private practice at Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa.

Schedule a Consultation

To see the difference having a female plastic surgeon makes for yourself, schedule a consultation with Dr. Bachilo. Call Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa at (713) 766-4643 or request your appointment online.

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