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  • AnesthesiaGeneral
  • Surgery Length2 to 3 Hours
  • Recovery Time2 weeks
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If you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, and rashes under your breasts, breast reduction surgery may be able to help you get relieve. Breast reduction procedure aim is to reduce the size of your breast by making them more proportional with the rest of your body and to help alleviate the symptoms associated with having large breasts. Lifting of the breast to a more anatomical position on the chest with a small breast reduction is also very effective at alleviating back pain and neck pain.


When breasts are saggy and are low on the chest wall, this changes the body’s center of gravity, putting significant strain and causing discomfort in the back and neck muscles. Reducing breast size while lifting the breasts to their proper place on the chest wall helps to restore body’s balance and alleviates symptoms. Insurance plans often will pay for the procedure if it is found medically necessary. Contact Glamour Plastic Surgery and Med Spa today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Bachilo and learn if breast reduction can help you achieve relieve from your symptoms and produce the breasts you were destined to have.



Dr. Bachilo will ask you about your symptoms and concerns and ask you about your desired breast size and other expectations from surgery. She will review your medical history and examine your breast to evaluate the size, shape, skin quality and symmetry. If you smoke, you will be strongly advised to stop for one month prior to undergoing an elective procedure. This will minimize your risk of complications and optimize your healing.

Dr. Bachilo will estimate the weight of breast tissue that will be removed and will give you approximation of your future size. She will also discuss your surgical incisions and location of your future scars and explain risks associated with the surgery.



 Dr. Bachilo will perform your beast reduction in an outpatient surgical center or the hospital under general anesthesia. Surgery may take around four hours.  There are different surgical techniques to perform breast reduction and Dr. Bachilo will customize your procedure based on your individualized needs.

Most commonly used breast reduction techniques are an anchor pattern breast reduction and a vertical breast reduction. When a larger reduction is needed and more skin needs to be removed, the incision is an “anchor shaped” and is around the nipple areola, up and down on the breast from areola to the fold and horizontally across the breast folds. Sometimes only a vertical and the nipple and areola incision is needed and thus there are slightly fewer scars.

Excess breast tissue is removed, breast is reshaped and the nipple and areola is repositioned higher in proportion to the new breast. The tissue removed from each breast is weighed separately to confirm symmetric volume reduction. All breast incisions are closed with absorbable sutures. Your breasts will be wrapped in a supportive wrap or you may be placed into a surgical bra after the operation. You will be allowed to go home the same day.



 Pain after breast reduction is mild to moderate and is managed with oral pain medications prescribed by Dr. Bachilo. You will be scheduled for a post op visit the next day after your surgery, or Monday if your procedure is on Friday. You may take a shower 48 hours after surgery and continue to wear a supportive surgical bra for several weeks after surgery. Most patients can return to work within one week. Refrain from any heavy lifting or strenuous exercise for 4 to 6 weeks. Six weeks after procedure you will be released to resume all of your regular activities including exercise.



 Few week after surgery your breasts remain swollen and bruised and therefore will be larger than your final result. We advise that you do not go shopping for new bras in the early post-operative period. As your breasts continue to change, your final breast size will become apparent at about 3 month. With reduction in weight of your breasts you will feel immediate improvement in the pain and tension in our neck and upper back. You will be able to enjoy activities such as swimming and running, and experience new freedom without the nagging discomfort in your shoulders, neck and back. With your new smaller and firmer breasts you will also be able to enjoy new clothing options.

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Frequently asked Questions

Where are the scars from breast reduction?

During breast reduction scars are placed around the nipple and areola, vertically on the breasts and sometimes across the breast folds in an “anchor pattern”. Vertical scar on the breast is most visible to patient when they look at themselves in the mirror. Every patient’s genetics is different, and the type of scar one forms is highly deterred by one’s genetics. Scars look their worse at six weeks after surgery. Scars may become raised and red at this time, but over next few month, as scars matures, they becomes lighter and less noticeable. There are certain adjunct procedures and scar products that can help with the scar management and can make scars less obvious. If you develop an unattractive scar after your surgery, Dr. Bachilo may be able to help improve it with these procedures or by recommending some scar products to try. 

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Plump Lips Indeed! — houston, TX

100% recommend! Dr Bachilo is very courteous, professional, spends more than enough time explaining everything, and truly cares about her patients. Called me the next day to check up on me during her day off!

Great first experience — Bellaire, tx

She has great beside manner! She was honest & conservative about what she thought I should have done that day in the office. I will be back to see her again! Love that she called to check on my results and how I was feeling.

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